Recently, the Beijing Education Commission issued the \"Beijing Primary and Secondary School Kindergarten Toilet Management Standard (Trial)\" caused extensive discussion among netizens. The Standard clearly stipulates that all schools should regularly organize students to participate in the work of toilet hygiene and cleaning on campus, raise students'awareness of maintaining the sanitary environment of public places, and cultivate students'good moral qualities of hard work, not afraid of dirty and tired.


What is the level of qualified campus toilets? The Municipal Education Commission also made very detailed provisions: floor, walls, doors, windows, yarn, squat table, toilet, seat ring, cover plate, partition board, hand washing table, sink, pier and cloth pool, management room and other facilities without ash, no sundries, no water, no ice, no urine, no smell, no mosquitoes and flies, no littering, no exposed cleaning tools and waste paper, no scribbling.


In May 2019, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Education issued the Guiding Opinions of the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Education on Strengthening Labor Education in Primary and Secondary Schools (Kindergartens), and the first guiding Outline of Labor Education at the municipal level in the whole country, the Guiding Outline of Labor Education in Primary and Secondary Schools in Guangzhou.


The Guiding Outline divides primary and secondary school students into four stages: Primary 1-3, Primary 4-6, Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary. Different labor projects have been set up in different stages: children in grades 1-3 should be able to wash their own socks, red scarves, handkerchiefs and other small living items; children in grades 4-6 should be able to make simple breakfast and three meals a day; junior high school students should learn to make double-skin milk, horseshoe cake, mung bean paste and other traditional broad-style snacks, will peel fruit, carved, made creative fruit platter, can make several Guangdong Liangtang; high school students should dredge toilet bowl, floor drain, bathtub, can work with their families to formulate the amount of household financial plan.


In May 2019, Shanghai began to work out the implementation of strengthening the labor education of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, as well as the supporting educational guidance outline, to include doing housework in homework.


In fact, many schools in Shanghai have already begun to promote labor education. The secondary school affiliated to hongkou district college of education has rebuilt the \"hundred grass garden \", developed and constructed the labor practice course of\" all things are alive \", starting with the common chinese herbal medicine in life, let the students understand the traditional chinese culture contained in the knowledge of traditional chinese medicine, and learn the basic labor knowledge and skills.


At the end of 2018, the Harbin Municipal Bureau of Education issued the notice on regulating the work of clearing ice and snow in primary and secondary schools, which prohibited schools from organizing parents of students to go to school to clear ice and snow, and did not encourage parents of students to voluntarily come to school to clear ice and snow. According to the Notice, each school may, according to the actual situation, work out its own work plan for clearing ice and snow.


Notice out, netizens \"blew up \": why do parents go to school to clear snow and ice? Or mandatory? How can I ask for leave? To work at school, to be a parent?


Before the beginning of the fall semester in 2018, Zhangshu City of Jiangxi Province issued the Circular on further standardizing the arrangement of student seating work, which stipulates that the school-level leadership, the department in charge, the head of the grade and the 3-5 members of the parent committee shall constitute the leading group of student seating work.


On the news in the \"for the student seat, specially issued a red file, this education bureau did wrong?\" \"said the arrangement for students specially issued red-headed documents, at least indicating that in camphor trees, the problem is not small.


In May 2016, the Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Education issued the notice on doing a good job of psychological counseling for students in senior high schools, which required all ordinary high schools to strictly standardize management, adhere to positive guidance, adhere to correct ways and methods, scientifically carry out the work of psychological counseling in senior high schools for three years, and put an end to simply venting pressure by organizing students to tear up books and roar buildings.


In recent years, local education bureaus have paid more and more attention to the quality education of students, and formulated relevant norms from the aspects of burden reduction, labor education, family education and mental health, with the aim of training outstanding students with all-round development of \"moral, intellectual, physical and labor \".


We hope that such rules as \"Guangzhou junior high school students should learn to make soup\" can be more, so that students can acquire skills at the same time, but also a better understanding, heritage of urban culture. After all, there are few such policies that can make netizens shout \"hope for national promotion\" rather than \"thanks to my early graduation \".