The day before Beijing's first heavy snowfall in 2020, the owner of the sugar-selling stove began to cart out the stalls - although he received countless New Year's calendars and couplets, but saw those sprinkled with sesame beige sugar, only to feel the real Spring Festival is not far away.


In the two decades of the 21st century, the rapid development of information technology revolution and Internet technology has had a great impact on people's real life. In addition to the traditional ways of affixing window flowers, Spring Festival couplets and setting off firecrackers, more and more people use their smartphones to convey the New Year's atmosphere. Guanhua, product manager of Ant Financial Services Group, probably didn't think that the \"five blessings\" project of Alipay and the Spring Festival Gala would become a \"new age\" after a few years.


January 9, two weeks before the Spring Festival, Ant Financial Services Group announced that the 2020 Spring Festival episode of the five-for-five event will officially open on Monday, January 13. This year's New Year's Day, in addition to the five-fold red envelopes, this year also launched a new \"family fortune card \", winners will receive\" help the whole family also spend the whole year \"benefits, while the five-fold event is open to partners, in the sweep process will also receive from Starbucks, Coca-Cola, L'Oreal and other major brands of special effects and\" red envelopes \".


Over the past five years, Alipay has affected 500 million users, with a total of 10 billion characters being wiped out, and has become a new symbol of the Chinese New Year's \"blessing\" culture. In the past five years, the \"five blessings\" campaign has been upgraded from AR sweep, flower card and ant forest watering to this year's Fuka, and the game has been changing. On the other hand, the \"five blessings\" campaign, which carries the family emotional link, and the \"blessing\" culture spread to the family, has not changed.


A few days ago, Alipay had just started its annual billing campaign, and people were actively posting bills on social media while they didn't forget to call out to Alipay's official account \"when will this year's\" gathering five blessings \"campaign begin \"- which has long been a new habit.


On January 9, the Alipay Wufu project team announced at the Spring Festival launch that this year's gathering of Wufu next Monday (January 13) officially began. In addition to the collection of five blessing red envelopes, this year also launched a new \"family fortune card.\" Last year, the \"Flower Card \", which had the chance to open the\" Spend the Year \"Award, became the most popular one. This year's \"family fortune card\" is based on the \"flower card\" upgrade, meaning \"fortune spread ten thousand families \", the winning interest has also become\" help the whole family to spend the whole year.\"


\"We have found that helping parents gather happiness has become a reason for more and more young people to come home early. It is a new pleasure for family and family to enjoy each other's happiness. So we decided that the theme of this year's five blessings is called family photo. \"Alipay Wufu Product Manager Guan Hua said.


Not only small family in the collection of blessing, the family of central enterprises will join this year's blessing,\" heaven under the sea \"for everyone to interpret a different\" family photo \". China's space program launched the Fuqiangfu rocket, meaning \"lucky to the sky.\" The researchers of the Jiaolong, Xuelong and the Great Wall stations in Antarctica will also celebrate the Chinese Year by posting, sweeping and gathering blessings.


Yan Yong, deputy director of the State Council's SASAC Information Center, said that this year, it is also possible to sweep the special "dedication ". Representatives of big country craftsmen, including China Nuclear Power Group's Hualong No.1 chief designer Xing Ji and China National Petroleum "New Iron Man" Wang Qimin, will pay their New Year's greetings through the Forka video. "Their selfless dedication to the community is a blessing for the new era. 」


AR sweep is one of the most popular features of the \"Five Blessings\" campaign, and this year there are also different ways to play. Adhering to the \"open\" concept of the Ali economy, this year Alipay and Coca-Cola, L'Oreal, Starbucks and other brands have worked together to bring more \"benefits\" to Forka. During the event, users scan the corresponding goods, you can see the special New Year special effects made by different brands, but also can get different red envelopes or benefits.


"Five blessings are not the only IP for Alipay and will be more open in the future. "In the future, Alipay would like to join hands with more blissful partners to bless 500 million families around the world," Ant Financial Services Group's chief marketing officer said at the event. 」


\"It's not the same as the red envelopes. In fact, the last red envelopes of the five blessings may be only one or two dollars, but people are still very active. What they want is not the size of the red envelopes, but the enjoyment of the activities of the five blessings. \"Alipay staff told Geek Park (ID: geekpark). We will see Tmall double 11 and other Internet promotions with billions of subsidised red envelopes, compared to the fact that the rewards for the \"five blessings\" campaign are quite limited, and the real incentive for at least 500 million users to lift the mobile phone sweep at least 10 billion times comes from the \"home \", a core of the campaign that has not changed.


One of the most popular ways to play the \"Five Blessings\" campaign is to exchange cards between family and friends, which greatly promotes interaction and communication among family members. With the popularity of smartphones, many parents have found that their children, even in the New Year's Eve, are sitting at the table staring at their phones and rarely communicating. With the \"Five Blessings\" campaign, children will help their parents collect and deliver the cards because they do not make good use of their mobile phones. In the simple action of this sweep, the transmission is actually the love between the family, which promotes the communication between the family, and the little Fuka becomes the new link of the family members'feelings.


It is understood that not only in China, the \"collection of five blessings\" will also spread the blessing culture around the world. Last year, there were 100 million people around the world in Alipay. This year, Fortune came to 56 countries around the world, and more than 300,000 businesses around the world posted a message calling for everyone to gather together. In addition, this year's project team decided to \"shine\" this beautiful blessing - according to the number of Forka passes, Alipay and global eco-partners will light up the world's top nine landmarks for \"The Blessed People\" in turn.


The new year's gathering of five blessings, a national participation in the activities, is not only a change in the way of the New Year, but also a heritage of traditional culture. Spring Festival couplets, couplets are traditional customs, the collection of five blessings will be this good meaning of the customs become more in line with the current people's life and communication. Based on the new customs under the mobile Internet, although the collection of five blessing has become an online blessing form, but also led to the sale of physical Spring Festival couplets, blessing characters. Taobao data show that after a year, Chunlian,\" Fu \"word sales rose 180%,105%.


Led by Alipay's \"gathering of five blessings\" activities, more and more Internet companies have joined the trend of promoting traditional culture, and many other methods of play have emerged, such as \"the flow of blessings in the Spring Festival \".


Behind the \"gathering of five blessings\" activities, cannot be separated from the ant gold clothing of the science and technology platform power blessing. In 2019, four million real trees were planted in a few days, equivalent to about 10,000 mu of land in most of Macau. Behind the \"digital world influences the real world,\" the task force's ability to process massive amounts of data -- watering the water together with hundreds of millions of users every morning -- can be seen as stressful.


\"The curtain has already opened, and the hearts of returning travelers have already flown to distant homes. Starting from next Monday, people will keep lifting their mobile phones, scanning the blessing around them and sending them to my relatives and friends from afar. This is also the core and spirit of Alipay's \"Five Blessings\" campaign that has not changed for five years.